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Case Studies

Secondary Research and Segmentation Research: Tech Product Launch

Marketing Problem An award-winning Canadian optical technology firm was planning…

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OTC Brand Research Survey

Marketing Problem A new topical over-the-counter (OTC) medication that relieves…

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Kitchen Home Improvement Advertising Testing Research

Marketing Problem The global leader in quartz countertops wanted to…

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Share of Voice for a B2B Global Manufacturer

B2B Research to Build Brand Equity Marketing Problem  A B2B…

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Market Simulator & AI Qualitative for Leading Outdoor Company

Marketing Problem A leading outdoor company sold packs and bags…

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Marketing Strategy for a Major National Fitness Club

Background An American chain of gyms in over 100 locations…

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Annual Ad Testing Campaign for OTC Drug Company

Marketing Problem TV and online commercials are popular ways to…

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Brand Strategy Research for a Rental Truck Company

Marketing Problem A top American rental truck company (with hundreds…

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Content Marketing Research for Tech Companies: A Case Study

Marketing Problem It is difficult for a brand to stand…

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Sunpower: An NPS and Competitive Assessment Study

Background & Marketing Problem Sunpower is a top solar panel…

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Jewelers of America: Mixed Methodology Market Research Study

Background & Marketing Problem Who are Jewelers of America and…

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USPS: A Thought-Leadership Research Case Study

Thought-leadership research for content marketing strengthens a brand’s credibility, generates…

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