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Market Research

Primary Research

Provoke Insights is a full service market research firm specializing in advertising, communication, brand equity, product development, product launches, media, and content marketing research. We help build and grow brands using qualitative and quantitative research.

Our primary research services include brand ideation, creative development, channel optimization, market analysis, advertising and media effectiveness, brand equity, copy testing, brand/product positioning, communication strategy, market segmentation, public opinion, test and learn strategies, performance indicators, new products and tracking awareness of campaigns and marketing initiatives.

We provide consultative services to help identify consumer research needs and implement the appropriate methodologies including online surveys, telephone surveys, focus groups, ethnography, in-depth interviews, website usability, secondary research, online diaries, bulletin boards, trends analysis, forecasting, industry competitive analysis, social listening, insights videos, and mystery shopping. Provoke Insights manages quantitative and qualitative projects from concept through final presentation including the following:



Market Research in the Age of Content Marketing

Publishing your Research

Provoke Insights provides strong content marketing for market research initiatives. Our creative department brings our research to life, using it as a catalyst for B2B and B2C awareness, engagement, lead generation, and conversion. Tactics include online videos, infographics, sales materials, email marketing, thought leadership pieces, press releases, and guerrilla efforts.

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Social Listening

Social listening is a vital tool to help you understand what people are saying about your industry, brand, and competitors. At Provoke Insights, we take listening a step further by identifying consistent themes, brand advocates, and ways to enhance your brand positively in the social space. Provoke Insights keeps an ear on the pulse of what the public is saying about your brand, as well as how you can better join the conversation. Our proprietary tool allows us to listen on news sites, blogs, forums, message boards, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Using our evaluation tool, we measure factors such as the following: the number of people talking about a topic, sentiment, where they are talking, and percent who are influencers.

Secondary Research

Before you commit to primary research, we can start with in-depth secondary research– more cost effective & quicker. At Provoke Insights we have several databases to help uncover your research needs, as well as creative solutions to find hard to reach information. Trends Analysis and Industry & Competitive Intelligence are just a few types of secondary research we conduct.

Trends Analysis

It is essential to understand what is going on today and what is happening tomorrow to successfully compete in the marketplace. At Provoke Insights we determine how social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental trends impact your business.

Industry & Competitive Intelligence

To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to understand what’s happening within your industry, as well as know what your competition is doing in regards to marketing. Provoke Insights analyzes all aspects of your competitors including market situation, promotions, channels, messaging, and touch points.

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Advertising Research

Half of all advertising professionals hate the pitch process due to tight deadlines and scarce resources. However, advertising agencies are pitching more than ever due to shorter relationships with their clients.

Whether it is for a pitch or just an everyday advertising project, Provoke Insights understands advertising agencies' needs. We specialize in that!

We create unique holistic marketing recommendations based on primary and secondary research, strategic thinking and creativity. Our breadth of resources, expert analysts, and turnaround speed allow us to streamline your process. We know you have a time and budget crunch so we work best to meet your restraints.

We frequently work with advertising agencies to help with the pitch process, as well as everyday research and strategy needs. Provoke Insights is a thought leader in the pitch process. Our insights have been published in over 100 newspapers nationwide.

Resources/Extra Support to Help Improve the Pitch Process


Analysis of target audience


Competitive intelligence


Trends analysis


Industry intelligence


Social listening


In-depth interviews of the audience


Market sizing information


Insight videos


Survey research


Focus group research


Mystery shopping





Base: Advertising professionals who participated in the pitch process (N=140)