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Why Risk Isn't Always Bad - IHOP vs. IHOB
Jun 12, 2018

Provoke Insights was quoted in an article in NBC yesterday — you can check it out here. The article discusses International House of Pancakes (IHOP) decision to rebrand as IHOb — International House of Burgers. The temporary name change shows that the restaurant is serious about its burgers not j...

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What Every Advertiser Should Think About When Marketing in Summer Months
Jun 05, 2018

Like many industries, advertising is notoriously slow in the summer season. However, there are also plenty of seasonally specific opportunities to take advantage of for advertisers across a number of categories. In many parts of America, summer is the only season that affords a real chance to get outside; consumers enjoy the beach, sporting events, water parks, summer camps, vacations, and a generally more relaxed few months. Summer is also associated with fun foods, socializing,...

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What Questions Should You Ask a Market Research Company
May 17, 2018

Over a third (38%) of advertisers and in-house marketers find their market research firm through searching online. Googling ‘market research firm’ is closely followed by direct referrals from work colleagues, friends, and family (33%), conferences (28%), and online directories (25%). Over half of advertisers and in-house market researchers (59%) use an external market research firm. With all of that in mind, it is important to know a little bit about your market resea...

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Focus groups
What is Advertising Research?
May 14, 2018

In the advertising and marketing industry, research is used to identify and define marketing problems. Research is often incorporated into the following aspects of the advertising process:

  • Industry or competitive analysis
  • Pitch process
  • Concept generation
  • Ad ideation
  • Consumer/target audience development
  • Segmentation
  • Ad pre-test
  • Ad post
  • Tracking the ad’s success...
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Why We Love Advertising Research (And You Should, Too!)
May 10, 2018

Written by: Carly Fink

I grew up in the 1980s, and cable TV was seen as a premium service. We had an antenna with only seven TV channels. There was no internet, social media, or smartphones. Ads were mostly aired or shown on television, radio, print, or out of home (e.g. billboards). If you had a fun jingle or a catchy slogan your ad would be seen and hopefully remembered. Everyone was using predominantly the same media channels. As a result, someone my age of...

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Creative Testing - The Importance of Market Research before Launching an Advertising Campaign
May 08, 2018

Launching an advertising campaign is an expensive undertaking. While producing the creative is one cost, the media buy can increase the price tag extensively. Not only does the ad creative need to resonate with your potential customer but also stand out from the crowd -- regardless if it is a TV commercial, print ad, or digital banners.

The average consumer sees up to 10,000 brand messages a day. Today, people are often consuming more than one media channel at a ti...

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Types Of Market Research Every Advertiser Should Know
May 08, 2018

Are you involved in your company's advertising campaign? Do you work at an advertising agency? If so, market research may be key to enhancing your advertising initiatives!

Below, we will discuss four popular market research methods that every advertiser should know and we will synopsize why businesses should consider using it.   

  1. Target Audience & Segmentation Research
  2. Creative Testing & Concept Expl...
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3 Common Misconceptions About Market Research
May 02, 2018

1.     Anyone Can Conduct Market Research

In today’s digital world there are many free and inexpensive online tools. As a result, companies may feel it is a cost saving to conduct research in-house over hiring a market research company. This is a common pitfall that many businesses conclude and is potentially quite dangerous. If a research study is not conducted properly, it often leads to inaccurate results. It could even potentially...

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Segmentation Research and Creating Personas
May 02, 2018

Written by: Rachael Ryan

Segmentation studies allow for you to walk in the shoes of different consumers, so you can really understand their buying habits and interests. We’re going to discuss the importance of research and how you can use a segmentation study to create personas.

Segmentation is the process of conducting market research using a survey tool in order to group similar consumers by their purchasing habits, their common needs and attitudes. Segmentation...

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Tech Companies, Have You Thought About Your Marketing Strategy?
Feb 05, 2018

In 2018, the technology industry is expecting to continue to grow at record rates. As technologies such as AI, voice, and virtual reality are gaining popularity, new start-ups are emerging and current companies are integrating these services. This is great for the consumer but it can mean that technology companies become drowned out in the saturated marketplace and often fail before they’re even noticed.

How can you prevent this from happening to your co...

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Manufacturers... What's Your Brand Strategy?
Jan 11, 2018

While manufacturing in the United States has adopted new technologies to streamline operations, logistics, increase capabilities, and provide better products, industry growth is still slow due to overseas competition.  Though manufacturers are consistently innovating, 2017 growth in the industry has only increased by 1.6% [1]

Manufacturers often rely on their sales teams to develop and solidify relationships.  However, with ...

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From Tech to Jewelry, the 3 Most Popular Blogs of 2017
Jan 03, 2018

We are looking back on 2017’s most popular blog posts on Provoke Insights to determine what people want to read about marketing.

Interestingly, the number one spot is Tech Companies… What’s Your Brand Strategy? This is one of our oldest blogs. We wrote this way back in September 2015 but it just goes to show, first of all, that ...

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The Benefits and Boundaries of Ad Tracking Surveys
Dec 19, 2017

Ad tracking surveys are vital for ensuring that your advertising campaigns and communication continue to have a positive impact. By gathering quantitative data from consumers regularly, you can benchmark and audit a brand’s health and change strategy according to the outcome of the results. It is important for all ad tracking surveys to be customized to your needs, many setbacks are due to one-size-fits-all solutions that may not be appropriate to your brands needs.

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2018 Trends: The State of the Advertising and Marketing Industry
Nov 27, 2017

As 2018 approaches, advertisers and marketers are preparing for the new year, Provoke Insights is providing a comprehensive look at what to expect over the next 12 months.

In the last decade, the marketing industry has changed immensely from new technologies to more specialty advertising agencies. In-house marketers have pushed for more project based work and an ever-increasing number of consumers have cut-the-cord to their TVs. 

How has this affected advertisers a...

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Beauty Industry... Understanding Gen Z
May 09, 2017

Written by: Rachael Ryan

The beauty and skin care industry conduct research and lots of it. No beauty or skin care product can come onto the market without a lot of scientific research behind it. These industries are renowned for doing focus groups and testing product concepts through qualitative research. We’re looking at the importance of understanding your target audience beyond focus groups.

The industry is rapidly changing &ndash...

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Concept Exploration: The Highlighter Research Tool
Apr 11, 2017

Written by: Rachael Ryan

Concept development is difficult. What is the ideal message to describe the concept? It is the combination of art and science to craft the perfect imagery and set of words. Yet, how do you know if you have the best possible description? That is where research comes in!

The Highlighter is the perfect way to explore the various concepts that you may be mulling over and you can chop and change your concepts with the da...

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Provoke Insights Introduces the Advertising Optimizer Express
Feb 13, 2017

Written by: Carly Fink

In today’s world the consumer is awash in advertising. These communications are designed to create a position in the consumer’s mind leading to eventual purchase.  

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The Science of Naming Your Brand
Feb 13, 2017

Written by: Carly Fink

Every year, Provoke Insights conducts Naming Research for several products and product lines. A good brand name sparks an emotion with the consumer.  The larger the name connection the higher likelihood that the name will  remain top of mind among your target audience. It is the cement that unifies the brand across all advertising and promotional materials.  

Often a company comes up with a list of potential names that the...

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7 New Trends in Market Research in 2017
Jan 25, 2017

Written by: Rachael Ryan

Now that the first month of 2017 is coming to an end, we thought we would write a blog post about the changing trends in Market Research. The market is constantly changing, therefore, the...

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Millennials, Fine Jewelry & the Luxury Category
Dec 13, 2016

Written by: Rachael Ryan

Millennials are the most researched subgroup of the 21st century - and yet, they still seem to be misunderstood. Everyone wants to know more and more about the generation. Who are millennials and why are they so sought after?

Millennials are technically anyone born between 1982 and 2002, but most importantly they are the buying generation. They’re taking over from the Baby-Boomers who are retiring both from wo...

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Why Primary Research is Necessary When Launching a Successful Brand
Dec 06, 2016

Written by: Rachael Ryan

In Why Secondary Research is so Important When Launching a Successful Brand, we spoke about the importance of this type of research in launching a new product or service or even when relaunching an already existing brand. In order to launch a successful brand, market research is definitely the key. That research is twofold; secondary researc...

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Statue of liberty
Market Research and New York City
Nov 29, 2016

Written by: Rachael Ryan

For generations, New York City has been held in the heart of the world’s population as a land of opportunity, the city that never sleeps and a city where just about anything is possible. Because of that, the industries in New York City not only drive the state’s economy but it is a driving force for the national and global economy. According to Fortune, New York City is the ‘center of the business universe’. There are more...

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Secondary Research is Necessary When Launching a Brand
Nov 21, 2016

Written by: Rachael Ryan

Whether you’re launching a new product or service for the first time, launching an existing brand in a new country, or rebranding an already successful brand… There is one common denominator – you have to do your research!

Market research is often overlooked in launching a brand. Unfortunately, many a brand has failed due to lack of market research or conducting market research too late. Timing is everything in every aspect of...

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Customer growth
Know Your Target Audience Through Research
Nov 15, 2016

Written by: Rachael Ryan

Have you ever been to a children’s birthday party when an adult gives one child some attention, then before they know it, every child at the party is vying for that adult’s attention? But the adult no longer has any time to give to any child because there are so many kids looking for it – in the end, no one gets attention and the adult goes back to conversing with the other adults.

That’s the world today! You’re the...

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Research 2
Why Market Research is a Must for Businesses
Jul 11, 2016

Written by: Jonathan Li and Swati Mohta

One of the most valuable assets of any business is its brand. Just as a house needs a strong foundation to stay sturdy, an effective brand strategy needs thorough market research. Far too often, businesses skip the market research process because the company claims that it already knows its consumers. However, it takes a lot to understand your target audience’s wants and needs. To prevent this disconnect, companies must first have a s...

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Iphone ad tracking
The Importance of Ad Tracking
Oct 01, 2015

Written by: Sean Baker

David Ogilvy, often referred to as the father of modern advertising, once said “advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals”. If your company is spending significant money on advertising, it is pertinent to conduct research to determine whether or not it’s working.  Ad-tracking is one of the favored methods used by brands today. If a company truly wants to optimize its advert...

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Video in Today’s Cluttered Marketplace
Sep 11, 2015

Written by: David Title, BravoMedia

For the past decade the battle cry of marketing has been, "Content is King! Content is King!"  Well guess what?  Now everybody has content.  And by everybody, I mean – everybody.  Your dentist, your place of worship, and even the makers of the cereal you ate for breakfast all create content.

Of course, content has always been available; there j...

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The Importance Of Mobile Marketing
Sep 10, 2015

Writtenby: Sean Baker

Mobile marketing is one of the fasting growing areas in marketing. Approximately 99% of Americans own a cell phone, with roughly 64% of those devices being a smart phone1. Additionally, around 20% of Americans own a tablet1. And users aren’t just utilizing their devices to make calls and surf the web, as smart phones and tablets are allowing consumers to get their news, follow political campaigns and elections, and most importantly for marketers, shop ...

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Social listening
Social Listening 101
Sep 10, 2015

Written by: Carly Fink

It’s more than just listening to those who talk positively or negatively about your brand and your competitors online.  Social listening is such a stronger and more powerful research methodology.  It allows you to understand what trends are impacting your consumers and prospects and also learn what they are talking about so you can join the conversation.   It also provides a stronger understand of what social media channels are most sui...

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4 Watch Outs When Conducting a Survey
Sep 10, 2015

“There are errors everywhere,” my market research professor claimed on the first day of class.    He continued and said, “as a market researcher, your job is to reduce the errors as much as possible.”  As someone who has worked in the industry for fifteen years, I believe that this lesson is still extremely important.

If research errors are not found, the results will lead to inaccuracies.    Ultimately, th...

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Research for Content Marketing
Sep 10, 2015

Positioning your company as a thought leader is an art form.   By publishing research studies, you build your brand’s credibility.

With a proliferation of media channels available today, it is pertinent to make sure your data gets its full mileage.  Bring our research to life, using contenting marketing as a catalyst for B2B and B2C awareness, engagement, lead generation, and conversion. Tactics can include online videos, infographics, sales materials, email marke...

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Using Research for Content Marketing & Thought Leadership
Sep 10, 2015

Using Research for Content Marketing & Thought Leadership

Sep 10, 2015

Check out our latest article on how market research can be used to create more interesting and insightful content for your business or brand.  Research can be used to generate awareness and increase engagement among your prospects and customers.  Additionally, conducting rese...

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Web developer
Web Developer Survey
Sep 10, 2015


Looking at a Career in Web Development?

SkilledUp, the online educator, commissioned Provoke Insights to conduct a survey among 300 web developers, and some of our findings were quite interesting.  The survey results were a media sensation and were featured in USA Today, Inc, AM NewYork and Mashable. It really helped bring attention to the services SkilledUp has to offer.

Web development is a rewarding career, with 88% of respondents stating they w...

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Tech Companies...What's Your Brand Strategy?
Sep 10, 2015

Technology is the fastest growing industry in New York City.  In 2014, jobs in this sector had grown by 33%. As the tech boom continues, how can your brand stand out from the crowd?

Even if your product is unique, it is imperative to find your target and communicate what makes your brand special.  However, gaining a potential client’s attention poses a challenge since there are more communication channels than ever before.  Consumers’ attention is ...

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75% of Small Businesses Want to Use More Analytics
Sep 10, 2015

75% of Small Businesses Want to Use More Analytics

Sep 10, 2015

Big data can sometimes seem like the cosmos; a nebulous mix of analytics, cloud storage, and private information that can be both mysterious and intimidating. This is especially true for small businesses. A recent survey conducted by Provoke Insights, a brand consultancy and market research firm, found that two-third...

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Measuring Content Marketing ROI
Sep 10, 2015

By Sara Kohn

Content Marketing has become the number one way for businesses to increase their online presence. Through articles, blogs, videos, pictures, surveys, and infographics, companies can better communicate with their customers.

Companies use this marketing initiative to create a personality and thought leadership, as well as provide an opportunity to engage with consumers. Creating effective content improves SEO, thus enabling potential customers to find busines...

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Capitalize on Your Consumer's Multichannel Behavior
Sep 10, 2015

by Jedrek Karnowski

Are you aware that consumers’ interactions with your brand are not what they used to be? Consumers are now consuming media from multiple devices simultaneously. They talk about your brand while they watch your latest commercial, then comment on it with hashtag messages via their smartphone before the commercial is over.   It is no longer a controlled one-on-one conversation between consumers and a brand.  As a result, brand...

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Socially Awkward Companies Get More Action
Sep 10, 2015

A recent survey by Provoke Insights found that the majority (82%) of small businesses are using social media.  Yet, more than half (54%) of these businesses state that these marketing efforts are not paying off.   Through analyzing the survey responses, Provoke Insights pinpointed five key areas to help small businesses create more effective social media initiatives.

1) Write out your strategy.  Thir...

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Four Ways to Better Understand Your Consumer
Sep 10, 2015

by Sara Kohn, Provoke Insights

Knowing your customer should be your top priority. You waste time and money when you cannot pinpoint who you customers actually are.  If you don’t know who your target audi...

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Social media
Five Tips For Getting Your Brand's Social Media Right
Sep 10, 2015

by Robert Patterson

Social media has gone mainstream.  Consumers age 45-54 are the fastest growing segments on Facebook and Google+. Users age 55-64 are the quickest growing segment on Twitter.  No longer is it a playground to hopefully show your relevance to younger consumers.

Are you thinking about your brand’s social media strategy?  Here are five tips to getting social right! 

  1. Consistent Br...
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47% of Advertising Professionals Hate the Pitch Process
Sep 10, 2015

by: Carly Fink, Provoke Insights

Pitching is part of an advertising agency’s DNA; it’s often mandatory if an agency wants to acquire new business. With the average length of the client relationship dimini...

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Consumer needs wants 26555430
Understand What Your Consumer Really Wants
Sep 10, 2015

Are you truly listening?   Social listening is a powerful tool that goes beyond just monitoring your brand and competitors sentiment.

Have you thought about listening beyond what people say about your brand?  With 73% of online Americans using social networking sites, it is crucial to understand what your customers are talking about online beyond your brand (Pew Internet, December 27, 2013).  If you don’t know...

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Hello millennial feature
Advertising & the Millennials
Sep 09, 2015

Millennials are the largest generation in the United States; no wonder brands want to capture this audience.  Unfortunately, this group’s disdain for traditional advertising (52% feel overwhelmed by the number of ads they see each day) make them a hard bunch to reach. Millennials demand authenticity and transparency, and take great pains to thoroughly research their brands. So how do we capture this demanding market?

Make them laugh

While Mil...

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